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Indirizzo: Parisi 34 - 87050
Località: Mangone CS


Enjoy a walk in the open-air museum of Cosenza in a setting where you can admire 
the works of international artists. A culturally active city that was already known as the
Athens of Calabria in the past time. Visit the cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta,
recognised on 12 October 2011 as a UNESCO heritage site. Take a tour of the Norman
Swedish castl
e, the old town, the church of San Domenico or go to Corso Mazzini
looking for elegant clothes. Let yourself be seduced by the legend of Alaric, king of the
Visigoths, who according to the legend died in Cosenza after the sack of Rome and was
buried near the river Busento. Lorica with its adventure park is just 35 kilometers, or Camigliatello with its Giants of
Sila.. In summer you can easily reach the beaches of the Tyrrhenian Sea where kite surfing
championships take place or visit the old town of Amantea. All this and more, ask for information directly at reception.desk. We are waiting for you! Rogliano: is just 4 km from the hotel is the main center of the Savuto valley of
remarkable beauty is the cathedral of San Pietro. Also known for its cellars and
for the Sunday market. Santo Stefano: at 3 km important for the Sanctuary of Santa Liberata Paterno Calabro: At 7.9 km important for the sanctuary of San Francesco 'Paternese' par
excellence, who lived and worked in these places steeped in spirituality.

Cascades of cannavina: at 10 km interesting and naturalistic excursion Historical bridges: Ponte dell'Ischia Romana, or Isca Romano (16th century) Ponte di Tavolaria
(16th century) Ponte delle Fratte (16th century), Ponte di Sant'Angelo (2nd century BC), called
Hannibal, one of the most ancient Roman artefacts still existing of its kind, realized in the service
of the ancient Via Popilia (or Annia)

Public Transport

Railway station: 2 minutes from hotel

Bus calabro lucana

Bus La valle

International airport LAMEZIA TERME 56 KM.

Come to discover the wonders of our territory

Come to discover the wonders of our territory - ALBERGO CARPINO

Calabrese food according to New York Times is very is higly appreciated all over the worl. The different

 dishes have different origins on the basis of the people who lived in this region like the Greeks and 

the Arabs. 

Just near the hotel there are companies like the 'Mangonesina' or 'Calabria food' where you can                                                                                             

taste the products of our tradition.